Protect Folder 98 3.0.1

Protect Folder 98 3.0.1



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Date Added:15 February, 2013

Author: Everstrike Software

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Protect Folder 98 is a new security tool that lets you lock your files and folders with your personal password. Now nobody but you can access your most sensitive information. Locking folders and files also effectively protects you from malicious programs, such as viruses, worms, and trojans. Here is how Protect Folder 98 works - all you have to do is to drag the file or folder that you want to lock to the Protect Folder 98 window, and the rest is done automatically. Now your data is protected and hidden and cannot be accessed without entering your personal password. It is critical to have effective protection from unauthorized access because over 80% of reported security breaches come from within an organization, not from hackers! Locking files and folders is the best way to guarantee that nobody accidentally or intentionally gets access to your financial, health, private, and confidential information. And because locking your files, folders makes them invisible, they cannot be deleted, damaged, or harmed in any other way. Even if a virus is introduced to your system, your locked folders will not be detected, infected, or harmed. This and other innovative and reliable technologies provide the safest way to store your information and protect it against hacker attacks, malicious softwar, and dishonest employees. But don't think that Protect Folder 98 can only be used in the corporate environment - this application is perfect for home as well. We also advise you to get Protect Folder 98 if you have a laptop and travel frequently. After all, if your notebook gets lost or stolen, you do not want strangers to see your financial data, or credit card or Social Security numbers. A free trial version is available for download.
Requirements: Windows 98 ME. No any special requirements to hardware.

Systems: Win98, WinME

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